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Do you love working for agriculture?

Do you love working for agriculture?

Volunteer as a traveler for agriculture projects India

So, you Love to teach ..

So, you Love to teach ..

Be a teacher and spread your knowledge as a volunteer.

Ever thought of unique tribal designs for fusion?

Ever thought of unique tribal designs for fusion?

Volunteer & internships for tribal handloom weaver's workshop.

Want to learn the ancient treatment methods of Medicine men of Hills ?

Want to learn the ancient treatment methods of Medicine men of Hills ?

Volunteer in a health facilities set up by the medicine men of hills.

Volunteer as a traveller in India:

Volunteer travel plans in India and Volunteering as a traveller in India is not all about donations and sponsorships, it is also a vision where you see the things happening as per your own divine wishes and thoughts. There are thousands of volunteers  working in different fields, but do they always try to feel the differences they’ve created after a span of time ? Volunteering is not just a community work but a vision of the volunteers that they want to enliven through their works and support. The few volunteering travel plans mentioned here  truly seek for visionary works that demands a better change in aspect of development from environment to society. The volunteering travel plan here not just particularly aim for young volunteers but any traveler with a vision to bring change can involve and support the community in any of the given ways ranging from agriculture, skill development, education, women empowerment, child welfare and community works.  The travelers can just pick any of the travel plans and even work in multiple fields with different aims and objectives.

Volunteer to help the Farmers of Darjeeling :

It’s not always that the reliable data you retrieve from books and other sources are correctly applicable for proper analysis of the problems. In this context, North Bengal can be a better example where the GDP data and other matrices of measuring the economic conditions shows different pictures in reality. North as the source of Tea Income can show different pictures but in reality does it measure the economic condition of people of North Bengal who hardly enjoy the benefits. North Bengal’s area is mostly covered with forests ( National Parks, Reserve forests, sanctuaries), Cinchona Plantation and Tea plantation , where people have no rightful ownership as to enjoy the benefits in a community level. To be more precise there are orange orchards, ginger, black cardamom and other agricultural aspects that truly count the economic level of the people of hills. Due to the more concentration given to the tea industry, the local farmers hardly get any research and development support for their own agricultural farms. This has led to a huge downfall in the production of community owned agricultural aspects where the farmers are now bound to leave the farms and seek for other jobs in the cities. So the volunteers who really want to work in the farms supporting with their best knowledge of agriculture with farmers can avail this option of volunteer travel plans in India along with their best experiences of spending their time among the farmers of foot hills of Himalayas.

Volunteer for orange orchard program :

Work with the best orange orchard farmer and travel to other orange orchards to help them understand the technical things about orange cultivation. You can even conduct your own research and development work working with the farmer and getting the required support from the horticulture research and development department of Darjeeling.

Get you full itinerary here >> Orange orchard volunteer program

Volunteer with the medicine men of Hills:

Health is one of the most important aspects of human resource development for any society. There are many rural areas in India that still lack the proper health facilities like health centres and hospitals. As North Bengal Region of India is influenced by four international borders, the area has more diverse culture than any other regions of India. There are many indigenous tribes inhabiting both the hills and the plain areas of North Bengal that have yet to be exposed to the modern forms of social culture. The area is dramatically owned by different tribes who have distinguished their culture and tradition dividing themselves into smaller divisions like villages and lanes. This diversity attracts many culture enthusiasts and researchers into the area where they can have access to different types of ethnic cultures without even need to travel long distances. These ethnic cultures live with their own customs and traditions where they also have their own solutions to many community problems and sickness is one of them. Each tribe still follow their inherited ancient customs where they have their own medicine men who have been playing their respective roles of a spiritual and herbal doctor since ages.

Volunteer with and for a medicine man’s facility:

Work in the local health facility set up by a local medicine man who cures all the kinds of bone fractures with his inherited knowledge of herbal medicinal treatment. The medicine man who is not a doctor by any qualification is a simple villager whose therapy has today accepted by not only the whole community but also by people from other towns, states and even countries like Bhutan. The volunteers can spend their meaningful time with the different communities along with helping the medicine man in his facility to serve his patients. This volunteering option is also a share and learn program where the volunteers can exchange their academic ideas of medical science with the traditional and spiritual methods of treatment with the different types of medicine men of different tribes and cultures of North Bengal.

This journey will take the volunteers into a spiritual world of different tribes where they can enhance their learning experiences of India with a different perspective. 

For detailed itinerary  <<Journey for medicine men of Hills>>

Volunteer for a livelihood school for Tribal youth and children :

Ever imagined why is even the academic education is divided into classes differentiating it with the affordable and non-affordable standards ? Are those high graded schools for higher class society with expensive fees meant to teach something special which cannot be taught to the under privileged society? When the whole world always talks about a better world why is the knowledge to make a better world made so expensive that only rich people have the rights to obtain it?

With the answers to the above questions this volunteer project is for all such kinds of people who want to make knowledge a method to spread happiness and peace in this world. A method to donate not wealth or materialistic belongings but the knowledge that helps you obtain and achieve anything in this world. This project aims to invite any kind of professionals of any given age who can help the children of different tribes to get not just academic education but also a technical eduction that will improvise their livelihood options. This technical education will help the children and youth to enhance their skills, nurture their dreams and career choices, motivate their ambitions and objectives of life and overall to facilitate their active participation in progressive society. 

So if you are a photographer, a language teacher, a computer literate, an agriculturist, an artist, a fashion designer or a person with any such skills that can help the tribal children of under privileged society to build their career in future you can volunteer for this project named ” After School – A green school project”

 Get the details about <<AFTER SCHOOL>>

If you are interested to avail any of the above volunteer travel plans in India or want to send an inquiry of your own preference please send your inquiry at yourhost@meaningfultravelindia.com

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