Travelling the whole world vs. rebuilding a small village.

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Travelling the whole world vs. rebuilding a small village.

What is there that drives you insane every time to pack your backpack and get out for your unplanned, unexpected route of journey with a motto of just travelling the whole world ? Is there a reason? Well, perhaps you want a newer day everyday with just not a new day but things that make it a new day. New smiles, new reasons to live, new songs and serenades, new colours, new food, and above all a new ” You” amidst the new world. It is quite unbelievable that even after you’ve travelled far too many numbers of places than you’d listed, your urge remains the same with not even a bit satisfaction of what you’d expected. Then you travel, travel and travel with no time bounds, no particular destinations and your journey itself starts becoming the milestones of your achievements, the achievements of your life that pours in you the natural sedation of happiness seducing you to even go deeper to find its tiniest particles rather than aiming for bigger and proclaimed shapes of happiness.

The above sentences defines a traveller, but what can be the other way round for people who aim for the same without travelling as not all get this privilege of being a traveler? This was an appalling situation few years back. So, then the things just came around in my mind to re-create a place where we as hosts can too meet new people with ideas everyday, heralding their traveler’s soul to reach our place gradually converting the village into a meaningful travel destination. A destination that might not have all those materialistic luxuries that are conventionally defined under the concept of viable tourism, but definitely it will have the simplest and the most chastened perspective of nature in its own make-up. It was more a learning experience than following the scripted points, tutorials and references from various books on creating a rural destination because the tutorials nowhere matched the remoteness of different that have today turned into meaningful Rural Tourism Destinations. Milestones after milestones, the least cared things became the most effective factors because under the concept of Rural Tourism we believe the most important word is ” Rural” which is inevitable. There are many more to come but few things are there that can be brought together both with the perspective of travelling the whole world and rebuilding a small village:

Letting out or letting in :

When you are travelling the whole world you plan your days to let yourself out as far as possible in terms of the kind of a world you are habituated to, leaving the place as far as possible where you belong. Well, the same happens when you aren’t travel ling the whole world but stay in the same place planning your days through the perspective of a traveler to promote such things that drives your conscience from a stranger to get attracted to simple things you know but they don’t. A garden of all those expensive bouquet flowers may seem to be the best way to decorate your rural accommodation, but when you think as a traveler coming to your rural destination, those least cared, unwanted and unnoticed weeds and wild flowers are more attractive for the travelers, and that’s so abundant and natural.

Discovery or Self-Discovery:

As Aristotle said , “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. As a traveler you can be travelling the whole world discovering many things that may be new to you, but amidst all those it is always ” You” within those discovered things that you truly discover. This self-discovery is so real even when you build a small place without travelling much to the outer world. You would be so surprised to find that a neglected and illiterate old drunk man in the village has more knowledge than any Doctorate in Botanical science when it comes to identify the number of medicinal plants in the forest and its medicinal uses in different types of sicknesses. A traditional hunter will be far better guide to escort the animal census team than any zoologist. So, both as a traveler and a host, it will be a self discovery travelling to places or rebuilding the small village as a rural tourism Destination.

Expenses or contributions:

It’s obvious that you cannot always travel the whole world for free. If as a traveler you use your travel expenses to different service providers, as a host the same travel expenses you pay becomes a contribution and is distributed evenly to develop the livelihood schemes of the rural areas. For example an accommodation owner is buying naturally grown vegetables from the farmer, fish and chicken from the chicken rearer, availing transportation from a local transporter, hiring local youths as guides, selling local handicrafts e.t.c all with the expenses incurred by a traveler.

So, as already stated in the above paragraphs, there is certainly a lot more similarity in between what a traveler looks out for and a what a host does to turn a small and a remote village into a well conceptualised form of rural tourism destination. Now, you know travelling the whole world vs rebuilding a small village has more or less the same concept.

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