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Travellers as messengers and angels

So here you are!! The inquisitive nature of a traveler may have always found you heaving anMeaningful Journeys India unquenchable thirst to always seek for Meaningful Journeys India. You have crossed the mountains, oceans and deserts, just to mark your nomadic footprints that in exchange blesses you with unforgettable experiences, and both balanced with darker and brightest memories.

All these years you’ve seen the paddy fields turning into industrial grounds, cosy fireplaces turning into busy lounge, the insight smiles becoming fake and commercial, innocent eyes changing into dubious stares, and many more, and at last you’ve become a storyteller who has witnessed these exploitations as a mere traveller.

Now, the time has come to become an influencer as a meaningful traveller rather than a storyteller, because precisely no one knows better than you, how and why the things changed?  The paths we’ve crafted takes you to a journey where you can execute whatever you’re ethically good on to spread happiness as a nature lover, peacemaker, and influencer. There are opportunities to learn the unlearned, teach what you’ve always wanted to teach, work with people who can benefit from your expertise, and this way you can alone change at least a village if not the cities, a small tribe if not the whole crowd, and immature children if not the matured people.

To become such a meaningful traveller we have journeys that specifically flows with the kind of expertise you hold. So, you can be from any field, any profession, any origin. What we have is the right host community and the right destination for you. This way of sharing and learning knowledge will not only bring the change you and we want in this world but also will enhance your skills and efficiency  by adding innovative concepts that you may indirectly gain from such community.

Explore your kind of travel plans and Meaningful Journeys through India by choosing the expertise you hold:


Meaningful Journeys India for writers, travel bloggers and poets:


Remember the story ” The princess and the frog”, or the famous starting line ” Once upon a time…”? Well ! such stories have now no existence because there is no inspiration from nature. So, this journey precisely can be called a hunt for the inspirational stories that have just been heard as rumours, myths and legends, and who know this can be your story tomorrow……<Read More>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Meaningful Journeys India for Painters and Artists:

Learn the 11998938_888587304553094_8837544170713823912_ninherited skills of arts, crafting, sculpture and paintings from the tribes who that have its uniqueness because of the culture and tradition attached to it reciting a story untold. Learn their skills and methods that can be an innovative approach for you to enhance your own professional skills in the field of art and design….<Read More>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Meaningful Journeys India for Photographers:


As a photographer, you may be always seeking for moments that are unpredicted, colorful, creative, narrative, chastened, and above all purely natural then explore the trails through the diversity of every niche through this journey. This journey will take you without any guidance to such turns where you can independently and safely find your all interests in its purest form whether it’s culture, nature, adventure, wildlife, or anything that you would be looking for…..<Read More>

Meaningful Journeys India for Scholars and Researchers:

Journey Plans for Research scholars

Meaningful travel is not just all about giving out but also taking in lots of experiences and knowledge that can also drive your academic career. In this context, there are several such journeys that focus on various academic subject grounds that will help the scholars, researchers, and interns to fulfill their relevant works. These journeys will lead you to your specific stream of study and research work granting you full freedom to explore and experience on your own along with an opportunity to get involved in volunteering works and social development works that come under the concepts of Meaningful Traveller…..<Read More>


Meaningful Journeys India for Agriculturists:

Meaningful traveller - Agriculturist.

With the growth in the technology, agriculture is now no more a profession to get closest to nature. It has, in fact, become a kind of manufacturing work that can normally be seen in any manufacturing industry. Gone are the days, when you could smell the change of season in the air. So you must be a modern farmer, but still, you have that expertise in research and development, scientific knowledge of agriculture and many other things that the poor traditional tribal farmers may not have with them. So with such knowledge wouldn’t it be a fun to stay with a farmer’s family and work in their traditional method growing the kind of plants you may have only heard about? So in this journey, you can choose the season, the type of orchard, and the topography to be a meaningful traveler sharing and be learning your most interesting subject……. ………<Read More>


Meaningful Journeys India for Educationalists:


Do you ever feel that the education is not just to let the world know all about books and theories but also the way on how those theories can work to make this world a beautiful place to live a beautiful life? So if you’ve been traveling being oblivious to all those academic backgrounds that conceals your other personality than this is the journey to make it useful. Let the world know what you want them to know about the academic career and different education system. So here is the path for you to be a meaningful traveler patronizing the communities towards a better academic career and education that you would want this world to gain. <Read More>

Meaningful Journeys India for Sociologists:

Journey for sociologists

Journey for sociologists

These journeys await for the travelers out there who travel as a messenger, motivator, influencer or above all, anyone who brings good omen for the remote destinations in every aspect of development. The words like ” Women Empowerment, Child Development, Education for underprivileged may sound like big things to achieve but in reality, small things together make big things. So if you’re a traveler who really wants to help the communities regarding their education, economic development by the way of sustainable livelihood, environment then choose these journeys that will help you experience all such happiness you get by helping others.< [Read More]>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Meaningful Journeys India for Medical Experts:

Journeys for Medical Experts

Journeys for Medical Experts

Travellers have many faces, but travel gives you an opportunity to know something new every day about this world and also something new about yourself everyday. The nationalities may differ, the culture and tradition may differ but the problems are all the same in every part of the world. In this context, the primary problem is the health condition of people. This journey will not only look for your help to benefit from your medical expertise but also will take you to a world of shamans, herbal doctors who have been traditionally playing their role as medicine men since ages. So choose this journeys if you want to help this world as a traveler and a health expert. [Read More]


So, above all, if there is something that hasn’t been mentioned does mean that you cannot be a meaningful traveler. There are many such journeys that will take you to different experiences because there is no particular reason you need to find to help this world. For any such question, you can feel free to discuss your ideas and concept with us and we would be happy for you to>> Partner Our Vision.

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