Meaningful Destinations

Meaningful Destinations India

Totopara - A tribal Village

Totopara - A tribal Village

Explore the unique tribes of India

Lepchas - The indigenous Himalayan Tribes

Lepchas - The indigenous Himalayan Tribes

Work to bring and share smiles among the Himalayan Tribes

Destinations for Volunteer and internship in India

Destinations for Volunteer and internship in India

Volunteer as a meaningful traveller

The medicine Men of Himalayan Tribes

The medicine Men of Himalayan Tribes

Explore the ancient art of Medicine men of Himalayan Tribes.

Exploring Meaningful Destinations India….


When you want to know about the Meaningful Destinations India, you know there are loads of information that anyone can get from anywhere. Still, if you always feel that every time you visit India you have something left that drags you back to India, then you may have landed at the right place. There may be no certainty that the destinations mentioned here may be your ultimate discovery, but  you will certainly have something that will be with you till your ultimate journey as your most beautiful memories. The Meaningful destinations India cover the whole Rural tourism destinations of  North Bengal  that will find you your own path of interests and this way the journey will have something for you to acquire in form of community happiness, different cultures and traditions, diverse bio-diversities and the work of philanthropy you always wanted to do as a meaningful traveller. 

Why only North Bengal as Meaningful Destinations India when there is whole of India?…

This question will certainly strike in your mind that ” Why should I visit North Bengal when there are so many other places?”. In obvious terms the answer is “Yes, that’s right”. The main ideas of and concepts of Meaningful Travel India took its shape in North Bengal. As an initial start there were and are many factors of North Bengal that are uniquely responsible for the concept to take its full working form. Such factors can rarely be seen in any other parts of India except the North- East India or its gateway-North Bengal. Only few of the factors are mentioned below and rest you can experience after you become a part of this concept. These are the facts that fuelled the ideas of Meaningful Travel India to take its replicable status that can be later implemented in other states of India as well.

  • North Bengal ( West Bengal ) is the only state of India sharing three international borders ( Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh) and is just few kilometres away from the China Border that is shared by Sikkim , its neighbouring state. The place due to to this vulnerability is often called a curse a of Geography and named Chicken Neck – Siliguri Corridor”Due to this, the small area has the most diverse cultural impact than any other states of India. There are many tribes who have even come to the state of getting extinct and are considered as one of the most unique tribes of the world – Totopara Village and Totos.


  • Imagine a single state starting right from the Zero Milestone of measuring the great Himalayas going down through the great Ganges delta and plateaus till you meet the coastal regions of the sea. For all the landscape lovers , artists , photographers, West Bengal is the only state of India that has the Himalayas in the north and the sea in the south with both the plateaus and plains in the middle. So this means that the livelihood options , natural bio-diversities and cultural differences would be the most diverse in comparison to any other states of India. To be more clear after every 5-10 kilometres of distance you will find a village belonging to a totally different tribe with different culture and tradition taking you to a different world.


  • Comparing the wildlife protecting areas with other parts of India West Bengal is the only state that is an abode to the largest mangrove forests in the world – Sundarbans. The place is also an abode to the pride of the country – The royal Bengal Tiger. In the same way there are other national parks named Neora Valley National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve in the north , which is one of the pristine heritage forests of India. The forest abodes some of endangered species that have their names in the scheduled lists of Red Data Book Of IUCN. Some of the few names are Red Panda, Chinese Pangolin, clouded Leopard and many more.


What are the roles of these Meaningful Destinations India in Meaningful Travel India?…

The journeys that are meant for meaningful travellers will include these destinations where travellers with different interests will gain what they are respectively looking for. These destinations will include community work, environmental and conservation work, tribal welfare , child education in different different tribal villages, promoting rural tourism for women empowerment, skill development work, livelihood training workshops, and many more where you as a meaningful traveller will play the roles of resource person, trainers, learners, workshop invitees and many more. The destinations mentioned in various types of journeys have their specific features that match the particular themes of meaningful journeys. Read >>Meaningful Journeys


The list of Meaningful Rural Destinations of North Bengal:



So, if you have found your journey and really want to join the lists of meaningful travellers share your ideas and concepts with us .  << Contact Us>>


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