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Travellers as messengers and angels

Travellers as messengers and angels.

Today when you see the social networking sites filled with all those ecstatic moments describing destinations and portraying travellers jumping in joy in colours of happiness, it gives you a kind of happiness in your own mind. So, Just imagine if a post with image can leave such an effect then what if you are yourself in the scene. Travellers are the only people who reach to places where no support, no media and even sometimes no modern world can reach. With this fact why cant travellers be the angels and messengers for those who are unreachable, unheard and unfelt? This initiative will let all the philanthropic, travellers volunteer travellers, social workers, researchers directly implements their donations in whatsoever form they desire. In contrary to the donors, here the donors will also be the implementers, motivators, who will not only see where their help is going but also see the results of it.

There are many projects that are in the form of  journeys where such travellers are invited to help and support the community in every aspect. This initiative will focus on holistic development by inter-relating all the aspects of development to create a better world. Here are few philanthropy projects for the travellers who can act as messengers and angels for the community in whatever help they can provide.

After School – A green school for Tribal Community:

As a traveller you must have heard a lot  about free eduction system in India that helps the poor and illiterate families gain free schooling. In spite of this there is always a wall that stands between the children of unprivileged families and privileged families and difference in seen in the later part when the time comes for those children to built a better career for their better life. So the questions arise why are the children from underprivileged families still choose a low profile life whereas the other children move ahead for grabbing better opportunities of life.

After school as the name suggests is a green school project where the children attend their regular schools and attend this school after they are off from the school. In the school the children from all age groups are helped to revise their classwork and homework. They are also taught on other technical streams of education like Language classes, Computer Education, dance and yoga e.t.c. The school also organizes career counselling classes for senior students and organises short term courses on various livelihood skills like photography, fashion designing, Tourism and many more. The school is also a centre for inter-cultural meet where children from other culture meet and share their knowledge that helps them to build better understanding of a peaceful world. The best part of the school is that all the faculties and teachers will be the travellers who have their own expertise in different fields . They can join this program as a meaningful traveller and explore the depth of all the tribal cultures that reside around the school through the children.

For details please click :<<AFTER SCHOOL>>


For supporting the program in any form please send us an email with your queries and questions to : yourhost@meaningfultravelindia.com



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