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So you’re the kind of traveller who just not looks out for sightseeing, sun, sex, cruise, and sand. You want to go on a journey to not only meet people but to live a part of their life with both their happy and sorrowful moments. You want to be a traveller because you want to spread the message of happiness and peace wherever you go in this world. The skills, and the knowledge you’ve acquired back in your country as a profession is what you are armed with to help the people in every aspect of their development. You want to teach the children, motivate them, make them skilled to let them know that their future is just great. 

If these are one of the many reasons then you’ve come to the right place, where you can freely share your thoughts cause we better understand you than any one else. There must be many questions going on in your mind now, so to help you better understand let’s just throw light on such questions :

What will I have to do?

Nothing, we just have some specific journeys that will take you to the remotest parts of North Bengal, where you will come thorough many different experiences you would be looking for according to your own taste. You just choose one of such journeys and either learn the things of you interest in a totally different way or teach the communities about what they can become. Just for an example, how about staying in a tribal village and teach their children different languages, or make skilled on several things you would be expert on like arts, paintings, wildlife photography etc. This way you will be a traveller and also a social worker.

How can I become a partner ?

Just read the journeys we have for different types of travellers, and choose the one you would like to join and that way you will be a part of that particular project that goes in the form of a journey through different places covering different aims and objectives. [Meaningful Journeys]

But How am I helping in this way?

There are many little things that are unnoticed, but these little things together bring the change in this world. You may not knowing but a little things you’ve told them can become the biggest inspiration for them. Imagine instead of those commercial hotels, you are staying in a home stay of  a villager. Have you ever imagined that little money you’re paying them is getting distributed to nearly whole of the village for example to the vegetable grower, to the chicken rearer, to a local poor artist and many more. So aren’t you helping them to understand that they can too be unreliable and self-employed instead of dreaming of urbanized culture ? [Spreading Happiness]

Ok, I understood and I want to be a partner, Now what?

Just send us your interests, things you want to do for the community, environment, society, as a traveller of special interest and also share us your expertise, and someone somewhere would be so much in need of you just to leve a better life and let others live a better life. [Contact Us]

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