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Meaningful Traveller

Meaningful Traveller

Meaningful Traveller’s Thoughts:

As a traveller when you visit a remote destination in India, here are the things you must have observed, experienced, and felt so badly about yourself :

  1. I wish I could have helped them to understand this is not what they should aim for ( Modernization, hi-technology, artificial luxuries, urbanization, etc.). I wish I could guide them to understand what are the true results of urbanization syndrome.
  2. Oh! these people have everything any nature lover would dream of, but they are exploiting it unknowingly..( Natural Resources, cultural identity, inheritance, etc.). I wish I could teach them the ways of optimum utilization of the resources they have and promote their cultural differences to help them protect its extinction.
  3. Who will make them understand that academic education is not the only thing to improve livelihood, they should also learn to be skilled…( Skill development – Local arts, handicrafts, hand-loom,learning languages etc.). I wish I could enhance their so creative inherited skills and teach them  to turn it into a reliable source of livelihood for them.
  4. I wish I could volunteer as a trainer not only for children but also women and young adults passing on to them the skills and techniques I have learned in my respective profession.
  5. I wish I could learn with them their traditional art and music, clothing style, unique designs and enhance my own professional skills by implementing these style as an inspiration for my own creations.
  6. All my life I have worked and now I am a veteran , so why cant I use my knowledge for a good cause. I can help them to develop their lives in all of ecology, economy and social aspects.
  7. and so on…

If the above thoughts match yours, then you are certainly a part of out concept and ideas where we all together will now accomplish them through meaningful journeys along with exploring the unexplored destinations, cultures, traditions, tribes, etc.


So, here are our concepts about or meaningful journeys and meaningful travellers :


Individual Journey plans for Individual group of Travellers:

Every traveller has a separate identity that determines the kind of journey plan that best matches his or her interests. So a traveller can be a writer looking for inspirational stories, a musician dying to hear some unheard creations, a health expert willing to provide his or her services to the needful community, an agriculturist loving to work in a different field, a volunteer, a philanthropist who wants to reach the end users of his donations and see things changing due to his or her help,etc. So find your own meaningful journey of your own interest that will help you to find what you specifically seek for in every destination and help others learn and gain from your expertise.

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Travellers Participation in meaning projects in form of meaningful journeys:

What if a journey becomes a social project that aims on holistic development counting parameters not just on environment issues but less debated subjects like controlling urbanization, preserving traditions and cultures of various tribes that precisely promote Nature Conservation, participation and promotion of events that worship nature, prevent extinction of various tribes and their culture and languages that have still not been recorded or scripted, creating livelihood options that encourage on nature and culture conservation like rural tourism, etc. So as a meaningful traveller get involved into such journey plans that will be a kind of projects where you will certainly enjoy as a traveller but also work as a social worker.

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Now, if you really want to want to be a part of this concept and be a doer rather than a thinker, then your involvement can really drive the above mentioned concepts ahead to make the change you’ve always wanted.

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