Where does your Money truly go in Rural tourism in India?

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Where does your Money truly go in Rural tourism in India?


“Am I too robotic that I can’t feel anything through my heart? Why do I always need to either drink, smoke or anyhow get high to embrace the happiness of traveling?” Yes, it’s true because I have seen many travelers go through this so predictably. The demands have become extravagantly commercial and the travel industries now showcase them as products although reluctantly. If on one side there are such travelers, then on the other side there are some who really follow the positive aspects of Tourism. In this context, Rural tourism in India is truly for the latter category of travelers.

To put some light on the true practice of Rural Tourism in India and its impact on the environment, there are few observations that can truly help any Meaningful Traveler to understand the divinity of this concept.

The stakeholders of Rural Tourism:

Who are they? Are they some tycoon entrepreneurs whose annual focus is always on profit and loss statement? No, but they are those people who fear the crowd of cities, can’t breathe under city’s polluted atmosphere, and who like to watch open sky illuminated by stars every night. Their focus is on necessities rather than luxuries because they have everything as blessings from nature. People there believe in the language of smiles rather than greasy words and above all, they love and protect their environment along with their culture and tradition. They don’t negotiate with you on price and costs.

So, they are just charging you for what you would have paid as a donation to save any destination from the clutches of Urbanization. They are your hosts and not a middleman trying to slice out a portion of your travel expenses as a commission with no intention to care for the natural beauty of any destination.

Why the Word ” Rural”?

You’ve traveled enough through the artificial urban luxuries. The trained smiles and refined greetings now don’t really touch you. Imagine if this was the only type of experience left for you everywhere you go. The hotel beds with white bed-sheets, and decorated walls exhibiting the beauty only through pictures and sculptures. All such luxuries only take you farther from nature. Only ” Rural” is the word that now still remains in its pure natural existence. Every year due to travelers changing their taste and demanding more of artificial luxuries, such rural destinations are too getting exploited. The rural people too now have lost their ethnicity and soberness. Money has ruled out their culture and tradition and travelers have become more like invaders. Now it’s time the meaningful travelers think about their money that they spend while traveling. The rural tourism in India is now on its way to change the scenario.

The question that remains is ” Would the travelers really feel it?” Would they ever realize what their expenses will bring out in future?

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Babit Gurung

With his versatile experience ( IT, Jewelery Designer, Painter) Babit gurung is a passionate freelance creative writer currently working for different sectors as a Rural Development consultant and a trainer. His innovative works and projects aim for the holistic development of community and environment empowering them from every aspect of development. His works on rural tourism have created many examples in North Bengal, where his versatile knowledge in agriculture, marketing and writing have added more effective and result oriented approach to his work. By creating " Meaningful Travel India" Babit aims to change the concept of tourism into considering the tourists not as potential customers but as philanthropists, trainers, motivators and role players whose diverse expertise can also change the face of the society and world.

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