When you say “offbeat Destination”….

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offbeat destinations of India

When you say “offbeat Destination”….

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I often hear this word more regularly nowadays, but, what the word precisely means, somehow is lost in the trend. “Will you suggest me an offbeat destination away from the urbanised crowd ?” It sounds more like a metaphor to boast that,”we are not amateurs and you better get it clear”.

If you want to explore the sublime beauty of the offbeat destinations of North Bengal, my perception of an offbeat destination might help a lot before you ruin your journey.

Be Ready for a bumpy ride, or if worse,  to test your real stamina.

How often do you walk between your house and the workplace? You may consider a lot to you regular jogging habit. That really doesn’t really count apart from giving you the confidence initially. So, do not say a word when you don’t mean it, or else accept it and be ready for the circumstances. The back aches, joint pains, and breathing problems are  going to come out all at once.So, the road connectivity is still a question to make compromises.

Be Ready to be on the List of “Missing”.

If you’re the one who goes insane, get yourself throwing away your smart gadgets whenever there is a network error, then probably you are going to end up breaking your expensive gadgets. In rare cases, you might have to climb a tree, a hilltop and or hang it near a window. The only uses you might have for those are clicking photographs, flashlights during the night and entertaining the locals with images. Getting a call is luckily an exceptional case.

Be ready to be alienated.

Soccer quiz, political news, and current affairs, if you give out these to act smart, you’ll drown deeper into the feeling of embarrassment. The big update on new bills won’t work smart, but, if you really know how to peel the wild beans and herbs, you really do have a chance. Remember, you can’t win a crocodile under the water.

Diamonds are mere stones.

Not every day is a Friday. The cash in your pocket can’t do everything that you do back in your hometown. You can take it as a test of your aura because everything else will not give you a hand. Leave your habit of window shopping and get into some real understanding of human nature or characteristics because only then you can win them.

Try it but not to prove it wrong.

Not all the superstitions are wrong like you’ve read in Social science books. Some are far better than the legalities of the urban society. So you can try it, test it but do not act too smart for you can see the long results. Believe me, some superstitions are better to be followed than as proving it wrong can create other bigger problems.

The Dubious Perspective.

Most of the houses of the offbeat areas never keep their doors closed. Even if there is no one in the house, it’s quite a rude behavior in the villages. So your dubious character back at your city is fine, but be sure not to cross the limit in the villages, as you may lose your respect.

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With his versatile experience ( IT, Jewelery Designer, Painter) Babit gurung is a passionate freelance creative writer currently working for different sectors as a Rural Development consultant and a trainer. His innovative works and projects aim for the holistic development of community and environment empowering them from every aspect of development. His works on rural tourism have created many examples in North Bengal, where his versatile knowledge in agriculture, marketing and writing have added more effective and result oriented approach to his work. By creating " Meaningful Travel India" Babit aims to change the concept of tourism into considering the tourists not as potential customers but as philanthropists, trainers, motivators and role players whose diverse expertise can also change the face of the society and world.

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