Why I say “Travelling is an inborn art “?

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Why I say “Travelling is an inborn art “?

Traveller & Artist:

While I was working as a Jewellery Designer few years back, I learnt that your inborn art readily never takes up a materialised form until you learn the ways of its acceptance in the outer world. I created designs and that brought business more than the fans of my designs.  So, it was more like a profile of a marketing agent than a Jewellery designer. That was the time when I practically learnt a proverb that I hang around with me till today, “World is a market, life means salesmanship and everyone in this world is a salesman”. You create masterpieces not in the form of art but to impress this world either with their understanding or your art of salesmanship to serve their understanding.

It’s been years I’ve quit the industry of fashion. Today, I prefer not to be asked about my current profession, as I am unable to frame it in one canvas. It’s like you can’t create a single art that goes on with all the numbers of themes. This way you’ll confuse others and to be more precise, you too will be confused. In this context I prefer saying freelance writer or a travel blogger and pray in mind “Now please don’t ask,” what and where do you write”. This is mostly for those who are travel bloggers and travellers, as the profession is quite not yet accepted as a work profession or an art, or there would be schools and institutions to teach you on how to become a meaningful traveller.

Travelling doesn’t just mean to seek for beautiful places and people in this world and many people think this way. They travel to either get a break from their own choice of life they live or to spend the time they think is granted as a privilege. The definition of so called “beautiful places” too has a more diverse perspective that depends again on the different character of a traveller. You can’t just follow the crowd to look out for the mentioned beautiful places and differentiate ugly places.  As an artist you have to have an eye that can see beauty in every ugly thing in this world. If a snow covered mountain is a beauty then a dry and dreary desert has its own beauty.  A traveller not only looks out for the beauty that can easily be seen by any common person but digs the depth of every place in this world to portray it as a beautiful art and engrave its picture in everyone’s heart. This just can’t be the character of every traveller but only few who have the heart and mind of an artist.

There are times when I see hotels decorating the corners with some of the famous worldly known flowers and bouquets just to impress the travellers. Then I also see few travellers who show no interest in those flowers but give their fullest to some wild and unwanted flower that grows on the pavements and roadsides. The expensive pets are never caressed but a stray dog becomes the most lovable animal for the travellers. To be a true nature lover is to love nature in any of its form whether the world names it ugly or beautiful.  So only an artist who has an inborn art of always seeing the beautiful side of everything in this world is a traveller who never complains about any destination or people.

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Babit Gurung

With his versatile experience ( IT, Jewelery Designer, Painter) Babit gurung is a passionate freelance creative writer currently working for different sectors as a Rural Development consultant and a trainer. His innovative works and projects aim for the holistic development of community and environment empowering them from every aspect of development. His works on rural tourism have created many examples in North Bengal, where his versatile knowledge in agriculture, marketing and writing have added more effective and result oriented approach to his work. By creating " Meaningful Travel India" Babit aims to change the concept of tourism into considering the tourists not as potential customers but as philanthropists, trainers, motivators and role players whose diverse expertise can also change the face of the society and world.

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