Changing Tribal Lives through ” Art of Living” at Santalabarie

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Changing Tribal Lives through ” Art of Living” at Santalabarie

Everyone in this world hunts for achievements, possessions, stature, and status. No matter, how have you mastered the art of living, you sometimes fail to acknowledge your achievements in comparison to how the world defines the word ” Achievement”. The world introduced the method of chemical farming in the agricultural sector and named it as one of the greatest achievements of Mankind. The world is again onto its best endeavor to ban the method and revive the traditional method of natural farming. Surprisingly, people call this too as an achievement. So, in the first place why did, they even introduce it?

Therefore, it all matters on how people define their invasion to the laws of nature just to meet their materialistic demands.  Just look around you, do you find peace in all those we name as achievements? Perhaps, instead of understanding the inner happiness in the true art of living, people have more inclination towards the external happiness.

Art of Living Destination –  A practice for spiritual healing

Volunteer for yoga in India

This hunt for happiness has today become one of the primary reasons for most of the travelers from the west. India in this context has more potential because of its cultural richness and the abundance of spiritual knowledge. Yoga and other forms of practices that not only helps the body but also the mind is one such knowledge that attracts many travelers from all around the world. If you are looking for any of the meaningful journeys through the rural India, you can add this learning as a part of meaningful experiences. One such rural Destination where you too can participate is Santalabarie in the Northern part of West Bengal. The name of this practice is famously known as part of living in India whose spiritual leader is Shri Shri Ravi Shankar.

The Guide and Teacher

Mr. Ramkumar Lama ( A teacher of ” Art of living” and a social worker) drives this effort. Living in a small village which is surrounded by various indigenous tribes, he is in his mission to change the lives of tribal children through the discipline and spiritual enlightenment of the practices of ” Art of Living”. Santalabarie is a beautiful village located in the district of Alipurduar of West Bengal. This small village is a forest village under the famous Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest of West Bengal. There are many other small villages in the area inhabited by indigenous tribes like Rabha, Kochey, Mechiya, Tamangs, and Dukhpas.

As a forest village, though nature has blessed it with miraculous natural beauty, the area highly lacks the basic facilities that make it a remote village. So, for all those who seek for meaningful journeys through the rural and unexplored beauty of India, this village will certainly be a resourceful and meaningful destination.

Your art of living days at Santalabarie:

Art of living school

Your prolong search for the perfect ambiance will certainly match the beauty and solidarity of Santalabarie.  The journey will right away start after you get at any of the nearest railway stations such as Rajabhatkhawa, Kalchini, Hamilton, and Alipurduar. The place may not totally fit into your category of luxurious destination, but its undisturbed beauty will make you oblivion of everything. A beautiful road through the dense green beauty of Buxa Tiger Reserve forest will take you to this village. For adventure lovers, the only option available in this village is to explore the Jungle watching butterflies, birds and if lucky enough, some wild elephants. The problem of Human-Elephant conflict does exist in this village and there are many organizations who are working hard to minimise this problem.

Where can you stay?

There are no hotels or commercial resorts in this place, instead, there are beautiful homestays with basic facilities for the guests like attach bath and western toilets. The villagers own the homestays, so you can learn a lot about the culture of different tribes in different homestays.

You can then meet Mr. Ramkumar Lama who runs an open art of living school for nearly 100 different children from different tribes. All the children are from the surrounding villages. You can truly feel the change in them that probably the undisturbed nature of Santalabarie stimulates in them. Mr. Ramkumar Lama also runs different courses for different age group people. Many travelers and volunteers who seek for a peaceful destination to relax and cleanse their mind can come to this destination. Far away from the disturbing urban life and work stress if you are really seeking happiness then you can find it here. Every small thing comes directly from nature. This true realization of happiness and peace amongst the wise tribal people, amidst the undisturbed abode of nature and the true smiles of children, will leave you as a totally different person altogether.

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