How and when does your host fall in love with you ?

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How and when does your host fall in love with you ?

Many young travelers have revealed their experiences of falling in love with their hosts abroad. Such stories can too come under the category of meaningful journeys. There are different perceptions of different travelers whether it was a good or bad experience for them. But, there is another way round too. There are times you shall never even realize that your host is deeply in love with you. Well, love doesn’t always end up with the dreams of marriage and having a family. There are certainly different categories of love you may experience from your hosts. There are different scenarios where a mother of a family falls into a deep motherly love with you and likewise a father, brother and a sister. You can easily feel such affection and even exchange in the same way you build with your own family while traveling.

Talking about India, such things are more common as Indians are considered to be more emotional and caring. Travelling around the third world countries you may have encountered many such situations, but in India, every state and every village is a different country.You can never build a common perception of an Indian for all the Indians because every Indian represents a different India.

Talking about the kind of love between a young traveler and a young host, there are times that fuels the bondage appalling you to break your own traveling rules.

If you’re too generous to share your knowledgeable experiences:

You see their tough lives, hear their unfulfilled dreams, taste their simple food and then share your own experiences about more extreme conditions you have lived through. It makes them feel about your true understanding of their world. It gives them a message of your acceptability of their culture and tradition. You no longer become a foreigner for them but a stranger who is so caring and adaptable in spite of the vast differences both of you hold for each other.

When you aren’t scared of traveling alone with your host :

That shows your belief on your host. Well, keeping someone’s belief is a tough job and this very act of keeping it safe sometimes gives a new name to the relationship that is more than just friendship. Your host may start building the cozy feeling inside his or heart for you. The moments of riding or driving together in some of the most naturally blessed beautiful places will fuel it together to burn the feeling of love in his or her heart.

If you are a motivational speaker:

No matter how harder the life hits upon you, you always motivate people. Nothing can stop you to look out for the greener pastures even in the most dreary times of life. With such fire in your belly, you make your world around you spreading the positiveness to every person you meet. If you are such a traveler, you certainly drag many of your young hosts to dream about you. Just the feeling of your nearness may have built in them a strength of happiness that they may have never felt.

You don’t hunt for luxuries:

“Boat sails on rivers and ship sails on seas but clouds that sail across the sky are far better than these”. If this poem inspires¬†you then you surely understand the true meaning of hunting for Luxuries and meaningful Journeys. The jacuzzi and expensive spas are the things that could not lure you, but a natural lagoon under a waterfall is something you would really trade for your hard earned money. This true love of nature is something that makes you adorable and your hosts’ cant help themselves to fall in love with you.

Your motto of traveling:

If you are someone who comes into the category of Meaningful travelers, who don’t just travel for themselves but also to volunteer for nature and mankind, you are certainly the person to fall in love with for all responsible hosts. Your kind heart for people and nature will be appreciated by your host so deeply that the appreciation can later turn into affection.

In the end, you may leave with your sweet memories by burying the stone in your chest, also you may be travel to different places, they’ll always remember you in every place for your meaningful journeys.

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