How a traveller becomes an wandering inspiration for people?

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How a traveller becomes an wandering inspiration for people?

How many times you’ve borne this feeling in your mind that says, ” They’re so weird!” ? Remember it’s not only you, your hosts will have this feeling more intense then you. It’s because the way you look at things so keenly are their base of life, their routine and their days and nights. So what’s the relevance? The thing is that as you acquire inspiration from your journeys regarding people and nature as your source, you leave it the same way on them to acquire inspiration from you that you perhaps may not even realise. The changes can be relevant to any things from culture, tradition, custom, perception, expectation, views and opinions to things like environment, social issues and economic conditions of the community.  So how these changes happen can truly sound strange to you but precisely it depends upon many factors and the kind of traveller you are.

If you are a solo Traveller.

Specially in countries like India where women are bound to live a conservative life and where the male dominant society have their own views and opinions about women, a female solo traveller can really be a shocking surprise for the whole host society. They may take it as an example for their own society, and few may consider it as taboo but any way the inspiration rises from both the sides. You may not know but there will be gossips around where a parent would be talking to his or her small daughter saying, ” Look at her how brave she is, she is travelling through the whole world and you are scared to even go out to bring groceries for your mother”. Well, that would be from a parent who’s quite open to adapt the changes in the society, but any ways your boldness would certainly help him or her out to create examples and inspire the society.

If you are a Pilgrimage Traveller.

How many times has it happened that you are welcomed by your hosts in a more religious way with garlands and different types of Tilak ( A mark worn on forehead by many religions in India ) ? You visit different religious places and happily accept their offerings in whatever way they serve you with. Your acceptance to every religious customs inspires them to be secular and respect every religion. If you are a Christian ( Most of  your hosts would expect you to be Christian in the rural areas) or from any other religion you would never know a secular person would be giving out an example about you saying, ” Look at them they’re so happily accepting all the offering of every type of religions and we are so orthodox to accept any offerings from other religions. We should learn from them “. So now you know how a small act of yours can truly be an inspiration for your hosts.

If you’re a serious photographer.

It’s always true that the things you see can never be seen by the common people and in the case of the host community they would perhaps never be knowing the beauty hidden in such things that they neglect everyday. This really inspires them to feel great on what they have and understand its value. When you take the photographs of the wild flowers that are abundantly grown in the fences and fields leaving all the fashionable flowers that they would be decorating outside their houses, they realise that naturally they more blessed than you and feel great about it. This can really inspire them and encourage them for conservation activities promoting their important role in saving ecology.

Your hygienic habits.

Littering plastic rappers and garbage everywhere may something like putting on your socks in your hands instead of legs, but for the villagers and rural people they may not even know the harmfulness of using plastic and throwing garbage everywhere.  A simple act of yours showing how you carry your garbage with you when you don’t get a proper place to dump it inspires them to clean their locality . It will surely be difficult for the adults to follow this habit stringently but at least you can inspire the children to build this habit in them. So, as a traveller you can surely help the current governments  praiseworthy campaign named Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

How a hunter changes into a Eco Guide due to your inspiration?

Next time when you pay your eco- guide that little amount, you can ask whether he or she is a local person because that amount can really change the way they think. There are many places where you will find the poor hunters turned into eco-guides The slogan became so simple for them ” You are paid once if you kill it, but you can be paid as many times till it’s alive”. Besides who can be a better wildlife guide than a hunter ?

There are many such meaningful journeys you travel to inspire people, this way you are not just a simple traveller for them but a source of inspiration as well.

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