The Places All the Solo Travelers would love to Explore in North Bengal.

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west bengal for solo travelers

The Places All the Solo Travelers would love to Explore in North Bengal.

Nearly a year back, I remember a young russian couple contacted me to know about some places, where foreign travelers would have hardly reached. I had no idea of such places so I named only few of them. Those were the ones that I loved to travel, more than any of the renowned destinations shown in the Tourism Map of West Bengal. As a host and a travel expert I’ve had many experiences giving assistance to the solo travelers from abroad. Candidly, in my opinion,there is truly no need of any assistance for such travelers because they always have more information than even the local people. You can truly know each street, shop and sometimes even the names of the people you would find there.

The job of exploring becomes quite like a job of identifying. You do not feel special as nothing seems so special for you. Again, there are obviously certain travel warnings you shouldn’t avoid while getting off-road. So, this post will help you to just know the basics of such off-road destinations of North Bengal.

When Alex & Ann – The russian Couple, landed in Dalgaon…


Alex $ Ann – The lovely Russian Couple

Now getting back to that Russian couple, the places they visited were more unplanned and unveiled for them. They couldn’t even get it in their route map. That part was more fun, both for them and even for me. It was fun for me because I could see the curiosity in their eyes about everything they’d never heard of North Bengal. But the most interesting part was yet to come for them.

After they departed as usual exchanging numbers I got a call the very next morning. In a nearly shocking tone they said “Oh God! We’re in the newspapers, I don’t know what it reads but both of our’s picture is there. I ran to find the news paper and read it. It was a just a warm welcome for the  lovely couple for their visit to the rural place because they were the first foreigners to visit the village. The local people had collectively requested the newspaper agency to print it as a promotional news for their village.

Ain’t you too be feeling great if this would have happened with you? Certainly it would be a real experience to get local exposure in a totally foreign country for all the solo travelers.

What solo travelers always skip about North Bengal?

If traveling means following the recited stories for you than this may not excite you. In contrary you are the one who want to build stories by traveling, then certainly you have landed in the right place. So if you talk about North Bengal, your stories will never end. Here are the reason why it will not end:

  1. Check out the map of Northern part of West Bengal in India. Do you find any difference? Yes, of course, to be more definitive, this part of India is often named as “Chicken Neck”.  Now, you can imagine the diverse cultural influence of not one, but 4 countries. So, if you love exploring the culture, drown deeper seeking the unexplored destinations of  North Bengal. Besides, you can always visit the renowned destinations anytime while you are in North Bengal.
  2. Whether you Love cold and high hills or always a bright sun ? Almost everything a Solo traveler would look out for from Jungle & Wildlife adventure to River Adventure, you can get all just within the distance of not more than 100 kms.
  3. As most of the areas of North Bengal fall under rural areas or plantations, the people still are far from the lifestyle of a modernised urban life. The word safety is something that you can blindly mark as checked because most of the accommodations are rural home-stay. So no question of commercial environment, but you will be staying with a family following their daily life , culture and tradition. Now, that was the travel warning.


The Destinations some of you have never landed..

As already mentioned earlier, there’ll be no fun if all the curtains are opened. So, here let’s only discuss the circuits of North Bengal that has seldom been explored by solo travelers. The rest is all left for all the curious travelers to seek the destinations that comes within the circuits. Let’s not talk about Darjeeling, Kalimpong or even Mirik. You all may even win over me for the travel guide information. So, I am giving the names you would certainly not like to miss once you step on the doorway to North-East – Siliguri. Siliguri can be called as a transit destination of North Bengal, because your milestone of Zero will start from here. You can just enter to any part of North Bengal and that too of your choice from Siliguri.

1.  Defining  “Dooars” – A complete circuit of destination for solo travelers

Dooars for solo travelers

This circuit has all that North Bengal beholds apart from the legacy of Darjeeling. It stretches from the foothills of District Darjeeling to the national and international boundaries of Assam, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The region has many rich bio-diversities, tea plantations and even the one and only Cinchona Plantation, that are renowned for some of the most extinct wildlife animals like One-horned Rhinoceros, Chinese Pangolin, Royal Bengal Tiger. The historical influence of culture and tradition of several international borders has made this circuit a rainbow of culture.

The most strange part of this region is that within a distance of mere 5-10 kms the travelers can enter into a totally different world of culture and tradition. Some of the unique tribes of this circuit are Tamangs, Totos, Sautals, Urao, Rabha, Koch, Mechiya, Dukhpas, Lepchas etc. Few destinations for examples that come under this circuit are Samsing-Suntalekhola, Rajabhatkhawa, Lepchakha, Sisamara etc.

2. The Teesta Circuit

solo travelers for north bengal

This circuit follows the trail of Teesta River right from the Border of Sikkim till Bangladesh. The landscape of this region is mostly covered with beautiful Tea gardens, Orange orchards, and even Cinchona Plantation areas. The adventure lovers and solo travelers mostly lover this place because of all the activities this region offers. Some of such activities are Paragliding in Delo, Mahseer-fishing ( Angling) in River Teesta, and Trekking. There are many small rural destination under this circuit that has some of the best views of North Bengal . The region also offers volunteering options of many categories to different kinds of travelers. Apart from such opportunity the region is also best for many scholars who like to research many activities like agriculture, medicinal plants, teaching etc. Some of the example of such destinations are Doon Valley, Bara Mangwa, Soreng, Chuikhim, Yelbong, Takdah Cantonment etc.

3. The Neora Valley Circuit

Solo travelers neora valley national park

Have you ever heard about Neora Valley National Park?. If you have ever been to North Bengal and have missed this part then you may not have got the real taste of Foohills of Himalayas. Neora Valley National Park is one of the renowned heritage forests of India. The forest is so dense that unlike other national park this region is hardly explored. It covers the patch between Sikkim, West Bengal and Bhutan and also hold the forgotten trails of legendary Silk-route of Asia. The settlement of villages that are adjacent to this National park have their own history that often leads to the story of silk route trading. The forest is still unexplored because of its rough and inaccessible terrains. It is also abode to some of the most rare species of wild orchids and it’s often believed that species have even not been discovered.

Similarly, the forest is abode to many unique and extinct species of wild animals like Chinese Pangolin, Red Panda, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yellow-throated Martin, birds and butterflies. The solo travelers, Botanists, Wildlife lovers, Medicine plant researchers can consider this circuit  as a paradise. The trekking options through the forest is the most adventurous part for all the travelers. Some of the of rural destinations that fall under this circuit are Lava, Kolakham, Samsing -Suntalekhola, Kumai, Gorubathan, Saakham etc.

Now it’s a test of your traveling soul to find your own destination among all the above mentioned circuits. Whether you are a solo traveler, or a group of travelers exploring Eastern- India, these circuits will certainly give you the real taste of adventure that you have seldom read in any of the travel Guides. Above all finding your own path is the real motto of any traveler.

Besides if any help is needed, we are always happy to assist you to choose your own meaningful Journeys through North Bengal . So go ahead and feel free to ask us at << Contact us >>

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Inspiration travellers

How a traveller becomes an wandering inspiration for people?

How many times you’ve borne this feeling in your mind that says, ” They’re so weird!” ? Remember it’s not only you, your hosts will have this feeling more intense then you. It’s because the way you look at things so keenly are their base of life, their routine and their days and nights. So what’s the relevance? The thing is that as you acquire inspiration from your journeys regarding people and nature as your source, you leave it the same way on them to acquire inspiration from you that you perhaps may not even realise. The changes can be relevant to any things from culture, tradition, custom, perception, expectation, views and opinions to things like environment, social issues and economic conditions of the community.  So how these changes happen can truly sound strange to you but precisely it depends upon many factors and the kind of traveller you are.

If you are a solo Traveller.

Specially in countries like India where women are bound to live a conservative life and where the male dominant society have their own views and opinions about women, a female solo traveller can really be a shocking surprise for the whole host society. They may take it as an example for their own society, and few may consider it as taboo but any way the inspiration rises from both the sides. You may not know but there will be gossips around where a parent would be talking to his or her small daughter saying, ” Look at her how brave she is, she is travelling through the whole world and you are scared to even go out to bring groceries for your mother”. Well, that would be from a parent who’s quite open to adapt the changes in the society, but any ways your boldness would certainly help him or her out to create examples and inspire the society.

If you are a Pilgrimage Traveller.

How many times has it happened that you are welcomed by your hosts in a more religious way with garlands and different types of Tilak ( A mark worn on forehead by many religions in India ) ? You visit different religious places and happily accept their offerings in whatever way they serve you with. Your acceptance to every religious customs inspires them to be secular and respect every religion. If you are a Christian ( Most of  your hosts would expect you to be Christian in the rural areas) or from any other religion you would never know a secular person would be giving out an example about you saying, ” Look at them they’re so happily accepting all the offering of every type of religions and we are so orthodox to accept any offerings from other religions. We should learn from them “. So now you know how a small act of yours can truly be an inspiration for your hosts.

If you’re a serious photographer.

It’s always true that the things you see can never be seen by the common people and in the case of the host community they would perhaps never be knowing the beauty hidden in such things that they neglect everyday. This really inspires them to feel great on what they have and understand its value. When you take the photographs of the wild flowers that are abundantly grown in the fences and fields leaving all the fashionable flowers that they would be decorating outside their houses, they realise that naturally they more blessed than you and feel great about it. This can really inspire them and encourage them for conservation activities promoting their important role in saving ecology.

Your hygienic habits.

Littering plastic rappers and garbage everywhere may something like putting on your socks in your hands instead of legs, but for the villagers and rural people they may not even know the harmfulness of using plastic and throwing garbage everywhere.  A simple act of yours showing how you carry your garbage with you when you don’t get a proper place to dump it inspires them to clean their locality . It will surely be difficult for the adults to follow this habit stringently but at least you can inspire the children to build this habit in them. So, as a traveller you can surely help the current governments  praiseworthy campaign named Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

How a hunter changes into a Eco Guide due to your inspiration?

Next time when you pay your eco- guide that little amount, you can ask whether he or she is a local person because that amount can really change the way they think. There are many places where you will find the poor hunters turned into eco-guides The slogan became so simple for them ” You are paid once if you kill it, but you can be paid as many times till it’s alive”. Besides who can be a better wildlife guide than a hunter ?

There are many such meaningful journeys you travel to inspire people, this way you are not just a simple traveller for them but a source of inspiration as well.

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