Travel plans for scholars of agriculture and botany

It’s not always books that gives you the knowledge on how to live this life the way you want.  Do you ever have used the formulas of mathematics practically in your life. You perhaps still look out for a mason or a carpenter to prepare the estimation of the quantity or the number of tiles or planks to be used when you plan to do the flooring of your house. You still rely on many people for the thing you already have studied by hard, but still there are people out there who earn their living with something you just read in books. but they have never known through books.

As a scholar, India as a country must have always fascinated you for its colours of cultural diversity, and in this context you may always read about the popular destinations of India. You can easily get loads of information about those destinations, but in true sense it may not add up as a new thing in your scholarly mind that you otherwise you really wanted to experience and learn. The destinations and the themes that are described here is not something that you can easily get in the internet or in the books.

These journeys are through such villages where you can not just rely on theories but also face the outcome of its practical implementation on individuals and community. Learning and increasing your knowledge on various subjects can through a journey where you can work with the host community researching and analysing through practical approach. Such various fields are :

1. Travel plans for scholars of Agriculture:

Spend your days travelling through the villages of farmers working with them in the fields and helping them out with your subject expertise to overcome their agricultural problems. The journey will involve those destinations where the farmers need expert support to improve their agricultural prospects. There are many such villages where due to lack of proper research agencies they are bound to quit their profession that has economically lead them poor conditions. The problems of orange cultivators of North Bengal has been the biggest problems of Hills in North Bengal. So for all the agricultural scholars this journey will not only let them extend their helping hands to farmers as meaningful travellers but it can also be a research work for them to gain their assignment works done to complete their studies. In this context Cinchona Plantation of North Bengal can be a viable research ground with proper facilities working with the lab technicians and chemists conducting their research works on various medicinal plants and their processing. The scholars on their respective subjects can take this journey as their assignment work to add on their field expertise. There are many other cultivations like cardamom, and organic farming that also can be taken as an agricultural project in these journeys.

2. Travel Plans for scholars of Ethnology  and anthropology:

These journeys will be for such scholars who are keen to learn about the ethic culture of some unique tribes such as Totos, Rabha, Lepchas, Tamangs and many more all in one journey. The journey will help the scholars understand about their traditions and lifestyle in a more detailed form being a part of their society for few days. They can follow the different roles played by the tribal people within their community like shamans, Artists, musicians update their various chapters in their research works.

3. Travel Plans for scholars of Botany and zoology:

Northern part of West Bengal is rich in many ground that owns some of the richest bio-diversities of India. These biodiversities is an abode to many extinct and rare species of both plans and animals. So these travel plans for scholars will focus on such trips that will also include research and development work providing expert help both from the government and private sector to students.  The travel plan will focus on the areas that will be the research ground for the students and will provide all the necessary support that will be required by the students. 

For any other subjects the scholars can send their inquiry to get a detailed copy of their relevant journeys that can be a part of their studies along. < contact us>

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