Volunteer Travel plans for Sociologists

volunteer travel plans

You may have a dream to increase the numbers in your list of the countries you’ve visited, but does it really worth the hard time you go through while travelling ? So what you want to gain here is more than just the travel experiences. Here you bring smiles that will forever bless you with the happiness of your life, you learn the true differences of the culture and it’s value, you change lives of people creating a peaceful and happy world and above all make your conscience divinely happy about yourself, becoming a better human being in this world.

So get involved in these volunteer travel plans for sociologists ,while you are travelling to the rural areas of North Bengal both as a traveller and a Samaritan.

Project: Changing the lives of Tribal children of Rajabhatkhawa

Activities Involved:

  1. Motivational classes and classes on Non-academic Subjects

These classes will require volunteer travellers who can offer their support by providing classes on various non-academic subjects. Due to the reason that the tribes of the region come from an illiterate background, the children hardly get to learn about the non-academic subjects that are equally essential for nurturing their minds, though they get the basics of academic education in free-education schools.

2 . English Speaking Classes

The travellers who love to share their language skills can involve in this program and help the tribal children to learn the basics of English speaking. As English has become a symbol of standard education, it is more essential for the tribal children to learn the language that will help them strengthen their career and future prospects.

3. Vocational classes on various Technical subjects

The tribal children often never reach the standard of other children even after they acquire the proper academic education from free schools. This proves that the academic education alone cannot improve the livelihood skills of the tribal children and the main reason behind this is because they cannot afford to acquire other types of vocation education that other children can avail. So the volunteer travellers can take part in various crash courses on different technical that are offered on timely basis to the group of children . Few examples of such subjects are : Computer education, Fashion designing, Mass media, Fine Arts, Music etc.

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