Travel Plans for Medical Experts

Travel Plans for Medical Experts.

Thuley, a young man from a hilly village, pointing towards the dense forest, says that he was born in that forest near a stream. His mother had gone to the stream to wash clothes and take bath. It takes around one hour for the villagers to reach that stream. Today Thuley has a wife with one daughter. He is struggling a lot, visiting the office of the local government body of the area to obtain a birth certificate for his child so she could get an admission in the village school. He says that it would have been easier if she was born in a hospital. When asked where was she born he smiled and said “In the kitchen”, because he cant afford going to a hospital that is more than 80 kms and 5 hours drive away from the village.

In the today’s age this must be a really weird thing to hear for you that still children are born at home nursed by some elderly village women. Well, it still happens in many tribal villages of North Bengal. It’s not because people are unaware or unconscious about their health, but simply they don’t have any choice. The health facilities are so scarcely located that people cannot afford bearing the troublesome journeys, extravagantTravel Plans For Medical Expertsant cost of transportation and hotel accommodation in towns for the relatives. Luckily, due to the healthy environment blessed by nature and its intensity the health conditions of the villagers are more better in comparison to the urban health condition. Many times you can see villagers carrying the sick people on their back putting them inside a big bamboo basket weaved by the villagers locally named “DOKO” in the hills or on their shoulders supported by bamboos hanged in a cradle made of sacks in the plain areas. This painful journey can take hours in the hills because most of the villages are not connected to accessible roadways.

In the old times when people were hardly connected to the urbanized world, the only way to cure their sickness was to meet the local Shamans and herbal medicine men and some spiritual healers. As most of the works of hilly people involve climbing rough terrains, tall trees and sometimes through rocky mountains they mostly suffered the accidental injuries like fractures (Broken Bones).

There are certain people in the villages who still practice such profession and are visited by the rural people. One such person’s popularity in curing fractured bones has grown to an extent that today even some urban  patients come and get admitted to his facility that has now quite grown into an infrastructure of a urban health facility. Likewise, there are many such people who still do this social work with their own knowledge of spiritual healing and use of herbal plants.

This journey plan is for all such travellers who have a medical background, researchers, ethnology students community workers, e.t.c and are ready to help such people. The journey plan will include some medical camps, health and hygiene awareness campaigns, workshops and many other things. The Travel Plans for Medical Experts will take the travellers through such mysterious people where along with your own medical knowledge you can also enjoy working with such people to achieve one common goal – healthy life of your patient.

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