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Rural Tourism in India

Is “Tourism” promoting Colonisation?

How and why? It is more than just a hypothetical theory to say that the word “Tourist” has a wider definition than the whole concept of Tourism. The word was commonly in use way before the word “Tourism” came into existence. So, the concept of tourism is merely an amendment of how people define “Tourists”.

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The wine tours of Darjeeling and Sikkim

5 Sedative Local Drinks you shouldn’t Skip While Traveling Bengal

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Traveling Bengal is a little different experience than traveling to other states of India. The vast number of communities you will find after every 5 km is certainly a thrilling experience for every traveler. Not only do they differ in the way they look, but also their culture, tradition, language, and lifestyle. So, when it comes to

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Meaningful Journeys India

Where does your Money truly go in Rural tourism in India?

  “Am I too robotic that I can’t feel anything through my heart? Why do I always need to either drink, smoke or anyhow get high to embrace the happiness of traveling?” Yes, it’s true because I have seen many travelers go through this so predictably. The demands have become extravagantly commercial and the travel

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offbeat destinations of India

When you say “offbeat Destination”….

I often hear this word more regularly nowadays, but, what the word precisely means, somehow is lost in the trend. “Will you suggest me an offbeat destination away from the urbanised crowd ?” It sounds more like a metaphor to boast that,”we are not amateurs and you better get it clear”. If you want to

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west bengal for solo travelers

The Places All the Solo Travelers would love to Explore in North Bengal.

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Nearly a year back, I remember a young russian couple contacted me to know about some places, where foreign travelers would have hardly reached. I had no idea of such places so I named only few of them. Those were the ones that I loved to travel, more than any of the renowned destinations shown

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Yoga Destinations of India

Changing Tribal Lives through ” Art of Living” at Santalabarie

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Everyone in this world hunts for achievements, possessions, stature, and status. No matter, how have you mastered the art of living, you sometimes fail to acknowledge your achievements in comparison to how the world defines the word ” Achievement”. The world introduced the method of chemical farming in the agricultural sector and named it as

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Incredible Rural India

The Veiled Truth of Incredible Rural India

The word “incredible rural India” has quite become a keyword that attracts many foreigners in the common tourist places of India. The story has not much changed since the decades in such places. You would still find the same environmental bubble impressing the travellers with the same glimpses, fed in their memories in the form

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Why I say “Travelling is an inborn art “?

Traveller & Artist: While I was working as a Jewellery Designer few years back, I learnt that your inborn art readily never takes up a materialised form until you learn the ways of its acceptance in the outer world. I created designs and that brought business more than the fans of my designs.  So, it

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Neora Valley National Park

What is so special about Neora Valley National Park in Darjeeling ?

Darjeeling, a beautiful hill station in West Bengal India is always the most preferred hill destination of many Travellers visiting India. There are countless reasons why most of travellers never avoid to visit this destination when they reach Kolkata, one of the most populated and historical cities of India. The most popular reason is because

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Off season in Rural Tourism

Why there is no term as “off season” in rural tourism?

Many a times you’ve heard people negotiating for the tariffs of hotel rooms demanding the rebate for off season. In obvious terms there are such offers in the tourism industry that are one of the promotional policies of Tourism Business. In business terms, this is indeed a good promotional step to overcome the problem of

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Host and travellers love

How and when does your host fall in love with you ?

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Many young travelers have revealed their experiences of falling in love with their hosts abroad. Such stories can too come under the category of meaningful journeys. There are different perceptions of different travelers whether it was a good or bad experience for them. But, there is another way round too. There are times you shall

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Meaningful Journeys through Lepchakha

Meaningful Journey through Lepchakha

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Territories divide nations, cultural influence, constitutions and nationalism, but when it comes to live with nature, do you really care for such things? Today, as revealing the inside story of a developing nation, where you always hear the proclaiming public demands of Infrastructural development like energy, drinking water and advanced communication, it is quite unusual

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Rural Tourism in India

The new definition of four S’s under Rural Tourism

Gone are the days when tourism was a part of leisurely products with more focus on pre-determined factors that together made a prescribed format of hospitality services. Today the word “tourism” travels way beyond the anticipated understandings about the so-called tourist’s interests, and meaninglessly it has no boundaries at all and perhaps will never have.

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Travelling the whole world vs. rebuilding a small village.

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What is there that drives you insane every time to pack your backpack and get out for your unplanned, unexpected route of journey with a motto of just travelling the whole world ? Is there a reason? Well, perhaps you want a newer day everyday with just not a new day but things that make

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Inspiration travellers

How a traveller becomes an wandering inspiration for people?

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How many times you’ve borne this feeling in your mind that says, ” They’re so weird!” ? Remember it’s not only you, your hosts will have this feeling more intense then you. It’s because the way you look at things so keenly are their base of life, their routine and their days and nights. So

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